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Country House Renovation

Country House Renovation 2019/20/21. Alenka's own 'forever' home

For more information on this renovation, please follow Alenka's journey on Instagram. Read more about this renovation on ABI Interiors Website. CLICK

Alenka and her husband recently bought an acreage country-style home on the Gold Coast and renovated it into a charming, contemporary farmhouse.

They gutted the inside of the house completely and started from scratch. Alenka redesigned the floor plan completely as well as converted a previous garage into the living spaces. They paid a lot of attention to quality fixtures as these things don’t get replaced often, so they need to be timeless and long-lasting.

The whole project hasn't been completed yet. The four-car garage and a larger pool house are still a work in progress.

Follow the progress on alenka.interiors Instagram.

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