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Alenka Interiors offers interior styling, decorating and property staging aimed at adding designer aesthetic and financial value to your property and home. I am Alenka, a Slovenian living on the Gold Coast Australia and the founder of Alenka Interiors. I have spent over 15 years founding and running businesses in the fashion and beauty industry nationally and internationally and another 5 years renovating and styling our own properties for profit, and so far selling them for record prices. Now I am applying my experience, knowledge and my natural flair for design to help you create a home you will love or style a property that will sell.

Want to Know More?

As a teen, I used to pester my mother to sew me the clothes I imagined but could not find in any ‘Yugoslav’ store.

In my twenties I designed my first hairdressing salon, it was eclectic and totally out there for my tiny town, but my business thrived.

In my thirties I came to Australia I decided to follow my passion and knack for design and completed an interior decoration course at CATC in Brisbane. Interior styling and decorating were not as sought after back then and being new to the country and the language was tough. I put my interior dreams on hold and moved on to something more familiar, the beauty industry. I applied my passion for design in creating and marketing my own cosmetic brand.

In my forties I sold the cosmetic brand and returned to interior styling, decorating and renovating. I have found the time to continue my studies, and completed an interior styling course at the Coco Republic Interior Design School.

My husband and I began renovating properties more seriously, it became part of our income. We bought, renovated, built and sold 7 residential properties in the past 15 years, and have just recently bought an acreage country style home that will be transformed into our own version of the modern farmhouse. You can follow my journey on Instagram

Now I am applying my experience and knowledge I gained through my own renovations and making it my business to help you too.

Why Renovate, Decorate and Style?

Renovating and interior styling is not only my passion, from personal experience I know it increases the value of your property. But it has to be done right from the outset. If you are selling a property, I believe in adapting the decorating style to the type, feel and location of the property and the prospective buyers. If you are redecorating your family home I recognise that the space needs to remain comfortable for you, and work with your existing home features. I believe we can do better than the ordinary cookie-cutter style, approaching each space with a good measure of common sense and unique design.

What Style Do I Specialize In?

I don't specialize in any one specific style. I adapt the style to your preferences, the property, the location and the budget. I like to pay attention to the materials used, as well as the practicality of individual items. In my personal renovations, I like using natural materials and the simplicity of the Scandinavian style, the masculinity of the Rustic Industrial Style and I like the character of the Modern Farmhouse. Being a toxic-free living advocate for many years, I also have a great interest in biophilic interior design and applying these principles as much as I can.

Why Alenka?

Unexpected costs and thoughtless decisions can quickly ruin the benefits of renovating, interior decorating and interior styling. The right advice and a solid plan can be incredibly beneficial to any project. Having an above average property does not mean having an above average budget. Renovating my own properties my budget, costs and profits are always a top priority. At the same time, I believe in working with quality natural materials, using elements of timber, concrete, steel, wool, latex, leather, linen and cotton. To maintain high-quality standards and workmanship I work closely with my husband and licensed builder, Milan, who runs GC Building Solutions.

I am ready for a gutsy project, are you?

Yours, Alenka Dirnbek.


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