Not led by fads or trends, our team fashion unique liveable spaces that age gracefully with lasting appeal. To enable this, we embrace classic neutral tones and the finest quality finishes and furnishings made from sustainable natural materials like wood, linen, hemp and stone. Think raw coastal organic meets modern farmhouse, with a touch of industrial and modern rustic aesthetic for good measure.


Alenka Dirnbek – Founder

As company namesake, founder, and creative director, Alenka Dirnbek is invested in ensuring outstanding client outcomes by overseeing every aspect of your home styling or interior design project.

Hailing from Slovenia, Alenka was drawn to ways of expressing creativity through aesthetics and style from an early age. Before she discovered her knack for interior design, Alenka built several thriving businesses that on the surface seem unrelated, yet all shared the common thread of expanding her eye for detail. Alenka’s early career encompassed designing her first hair salon, consulting as a personal stylist, and founding a successful internationally recognised eco cosmetic label, which all served to finely hone her design style and penchant for colour.

Studying interior decoration many years before gaining additional qualifications in interior styling, Alenka moved into styling and furnishing multimillion-dollar homes for one of Australia’s leading designer furniture companies, while in her spare time translating her experience and skills into renovating her own homes for profit. Alenka worked closely with her husband Milan, a licensed builder, to renovate and restyle six homes in six years, gaining record prices on the sales of each.

Alenka loves homes with character, embracing natural materials with organic shapes and textures, and adding rustic elements to modern interiors. She’s also a huge fan of light bright spaces, toxic-free living, decluttering, well organised storage, and creating luxe magazine-ready homes.

Currently on personal home renovation sale project number eight, Alenka brings her well-earned wealth of skills and credentials to the table whenever she assists clients in realising their own home styling or renovation goals.

Hobbies: Enjoying nature, camping, hiking, biking, walking on the beach with her dog Bugsy

Dream Home: Modern Farmhouse style home with modern rustic interiors

Favourite Travel Destinations: New Zealand, Tasmania and Slovenia

Mr. Bugsy – Alenka’s Executive Assistant

Personal assistant, business mascot, and a great companion, Mr. Bugsy.

From time to time you may hear Mr. Bugsy barking orders while our team are on the phone, as he enjoys getting involved in every process of your design.


He is friendly and likes cuddles, so if you get a chance to meet him he will greet you with great kindness. When Alenka is away, Mr. Bugsy looks after her emails, so don’t be surprised if you receive a reply from him – it’s particularly likely to be his handiwork if there are any typos (thanks to his paw work ethic).

Hobbies: Long walks on the beach, rug and sofa durability testing, backyard excavations

Dream Home: Same as his mum, Modern Farmhouse style home with modern rustic interiors

Favourite Travel Destinations: Burleigh Heads Beach 


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