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Burleigh Heads 4220 QLD

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Style Does Alenka Interiors Specialize In?
    At Alenka Interiors, we embrace a versatile approach to design, tailoring each project to your individual preferences, property specifics, location, and budget. While Alenka's heart beats for the allure of American contemporary style modern farmhouses, we recognise the significance of infusing the essence of Modern Australian Farmhouse aesthetics. Our team is adept at seamlessly blending the charm of the Modern Barn and Farmhouse with the coastal vibes inspired by our Australian surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of Scandinavian design, the robust masculinity of Industrial Style, and the enduring appeal of natural materials like stone, concrete, and timber, we create spaces that embody a harmonious fusion of styles. Whether you're captivated by the sleek lines of contemporary American farmhouses or the down-to-earth elegance of Australian farmhouse living, Alenka Interiors is committed to crafting interiors that resonate with your vision and capture the essence of modern farmhouse living in Australia.
  • Isn't Interior Styling Expensive? 
    Not if you buy smart. We have seen people buy expensive things just because they are ‘fancy’ but they don’t add any value to their life or property. Every item you install in a space should have a purpose. Innovative style and common sense should go hand in hand, and we think we’ve got a knack for it.
  • Do Our Packages Have a Set Process?  
    All of the packages and their prices are customisable to your needs and the free consultation works to identify these. We can help you with anything between completely furnishing a property or just choosing new accessories. We can buy or rent all new furniture or work with your existing pieces. It’s all up to what you need.
  • What Is Virtual or E-styling For Interiors? 
    Virtual interior styling or eStyling is where the entire styling process to occur electronically, via Email, Skype or Phone, rather than in person. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to work with us regardless of where you live. You still receive the same resources and mentoring from us, however, all mood boards, itemised list of all the products with links to each supplier, budget overviews and consultations occur electronically.
  • What Is The Difference Between Interior Styling and Interior Design? 
    Interior designers are interior architects and are trained in interior structure of the building rather than just furnishing and styling existing spaces. Interior stylists are just focused on finishing or refreshing the details of existing spaces. Interior stylist can therefore be a cost-effective choice if you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your home rather than completely remodel it.
  • Do We Do Furniture Procurement?
    Yes, we can shop for furniture, accessories or materials either with or for you after we have developed a style and plan for your space. We can either incorporate personal shopping time into one of our interior design or styling services, or you can book additional personal shopping time at an hourly rate.
  • What Is Mood Board For Interiors?
    A mood board is a visualisation of the planned theme or a concept of your space. It is an arrangement of the pictures of furniture, accessories, materials, and colours which will be used to style and decorate your space. A mood board allows you to visualise the design concept, see how individual pieces will fit and look together and helps you stick to a coherent look.
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